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Tips for Avoiding Addiction Relapse Triggers

Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is about more than getting through withdrawal and quitting the substance. Unfortunately, many people who complete a detox and rehabilitation program end up relapsing. This is entirely normal and does not indicate failure in your recovery. However, some strategies can help reduce the chances and frequency of relapses. Participating in […]

Fun Ideas for a Sober Halloween

Halloween celebrations have been there since time immemorial. People commemorate this day through various forms of celebrations. The celebrations may, at times, involve the use of drugs or alcohol. If you are recovering from an addiction, such actions can jeopardize your efforts. Fortunately, there is a myriad of fun ideas for a sober Halloween. These […]

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Relapse

Completing a rehab program can feel exciting, and it’s something that deserves plenty of celebration. However, maintaining sobriety long after rehab is over can take some serious commitment and consideration. When you join a relapse prevention program in Boston, you can feel more secure and supported in post-rehab sobriety that lasts. At Greater Boston Addiction […]