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Fun Ideas for a Sober Halloween

Fun Ideas for a Sober Halloween

Halloween celebrations have been there since time immemorial. People commemorate this day through various forms of celebrations. The celebrations may, at times, involve the use of drugs or alcohol. If you are recovering from an addiction, such actions can jeopardize your efforts. Fortunately, there is a myriad of fun ideas for a sober Halloween. These ideas will enable you to enjoy the day without compromising your recovery. You can implement the fun ideas for Halloween at an individual level or as a group. Reach out to Greater Boston Addiction Centers for more tips and support or to learn about our relapse prevention program by calling 877.920.6583.

Fun Ideas for a Sober Halloween

Halloween celebrations are not always about tricking people or eating a bunch of sweets. The celebration brings people together to bond and enjoy each other’s company. Below are some fun ideas for a sober Halloween.

Wear the Same Costumes

Organize with your dear ones to rock the same costumes. This has a lot of advantages. First, nobody will feel awkward since all of you look the same. Secondly, nobody will have to go through a lot of hassle to find a unique costume. You can choose to go for costumes that fit a particular theme. Doing this with your loved ones will strengthen your relationships. It will help repair the broken relations because of the addiction. Group costume ideas from movies or TV shows will also work!

Haunted Space in the Backyard

Fear can bring people together. Gather some spooky items and arrange them in your backyard. Organize the items in a way that brings the feeling of a haunted place. You can then invite friends or family to “explore” the haunted space. Throw in some spooky costumes and music to augment the scary theme

Go for a Drive

Get in costume and take a spooky car trip with snacks and Halloween music. Visit historic areas in your town, or an old cemetery, or just cruise around admiring the decorations on all the houses.

Have a Horror Movie Marathon

Get the gang together or curl up under a blanket on the couch alone and watch your favorite horror movies back-to-back. Make some popcorn or hot chocolate, and let natural adrenaline give you a rush.

Have a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Have everyone design and carve, paint, or otherwise decorate their own pumpkin, and then vote on who you all think the most creative one is. The winner gets a fun little prize like a full-size candy bar or cute Halloween decorations.

Take the Time to Reminisce

In older traditions, Halloween celebrations were for reflecting and celebrating. People reminisced and celebrated the memories they shared with their loved ones. If you can’t go to a party, you can choose this route.

Use Halloween celebrations to reflect. Try to gauge how your addiction has affected your relationship with loved ones. You should also reflect on the steps that you’ve taken to maintain your sobriety. Use the celebrations to appreciate the small gains that you are making.

What If Maintaining Sobriety Is Still a Struggle?

If you are still having difficulty maintaining your sobriety over the holidays despite your best efforts, there is no shame in reaching out for help to prevent yourself from relapsing. Here are some options for when it is difficult to maintain sobriety among all the holiday excitement:

  • Call a 24-hour addiction support hotline
  • Attend a peer support group meeting
  • Call a family member or friend you can rely on for help and support
  • If you have a sponsor, give them a call
  • Contact your former treatment program for resources and support if you’re not sure where to turn

Addiction is a life-long condition, but there are ways to manage it and prevent relapse. All you have to do is reach out.

Discover Relapse Prevention at Greater Boston Addiction Centers

Holidays present an opportunity for people to loosen up. But indulging in drugs while you are recovering can trigger a relapse. To avoid this, remain sober at all costs. Contact GBAC directly by calling 877.920.6583 or fill out our online form for more information on relapse prevention, addiction treatment, and tips for staying sober during the holidays.