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Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

Marijuana is a dangerous drug when consumed in high doses or mixed with other substances. Some people who use marijuana never develop an addiction. Others do quickly, leading to marijuana abuse and numerous health risks. You can get marijuana addiction treatment to reclaim your life and your health. In Boston, our marijuana addiction treatment program at Greater Boston Addiction Centers can put you on the right path forward.

Is Weed Actually Dangerous?

Many states are making the use of marijuana legal. Even so, there are still numerous risks to the use of this drug. Marijuana abuse can lead to health consequences, even if you do not use a lot of it. Compulsive use has both social and occupational consequences. It can lead from marijuana abuse to marijuana addiction.

Can You Develop Marijuana Addiction?

The simple answer is yes. Marijuana abuse can occur in people who are predisposed to addiction, especially when it is combined with other substances, including alcohol. Marijuana addiction can cause numerous health risks, including damage to the lungs, brain, and heart. Marijuana abuse can lead to dependency. You may notice the following symptoms if you develop marijuana addiction:

  • Constant cravings for the drug
  • Needing to use more and more weed to get the same high
  • Feeling unable to stop using on your own
  • Experiencing headaches, pain, and agitation when not using
  • Recognizing the negative consequences of continued use and still using.

If you feel you’ve developed this, marijuana addiction treatment is available. It can help to stop your physical addiction to the drug and help you to rebuild a strong, healthy future in many cases.

How Can Marijuana Addiction Treatment Help You?

If you think about using weed often or find yourself unable to stop your marijuana abuse, it’s time to get help. Our comprehensive marijuana addiction treatment program works to give you the support necessary to stop using. That includes providing medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It also includes working one-on-one with you through evidence-based treatment programs and holistic therapy.

When you work through your marijuana addiction, you can start to rebuild what you’ve lost. That could be lost opportunities in school or work as well as damaged relationships. You may be able to learn how to control your negative thoughts that lead to poor behavioral outcomes. If you have underlying mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, or past trauma, your therapist can work with you to overcome those challenges as well.

If you’re in the Boston area and believe that marijuana use has started to cause more harm than good in your life, turn to our professionals for one-on-one counseling and group therapy. Learn how to take back all that you’ve lost. With comprehensive resources and our innovative drug treatment philosophy, our therapists can help people uncover their potential and move on to bigger and better things.

What to Expect from Our Marijuana Addiction Treatment Program

If you need marijuana addiction treatment in Boston, our team is ready to help you. Reach out to us to learn more about how our marijuana addiction treatment program can help you, including through innovative, modern treatment therapies.

Our professionals can help you with programs such as:

Seek Treatment by Calling Greater Boston Addiction Centers

When it comes to marijuana addiction, recognizing the signs is critical. Marijuana abuse can occur to anyone using this drug on a consistent basis or in large doses. If that’s what’s happening to you, marijuana addiction treatment in Boston may be the right step for you. Don’t overlook the risks of weed. Turn to our marijuana addiction treatment program at Greater Boston Addiction Centers now by calling the Addiction Helpline or reaching out to us online.

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