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Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Massachusetts

Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, is one component of cognitive-behavior therapy with a focus on social and communication aspects. DBT was developed to help people cope with extreme emotional situations that could cause harm or suicidal ideations. It was originally created to help aid those who needed treatment for borderline personality disorder. In recent years, evidence shows that DBT can help with different types of mental illnesses, especially for those who expressed concerns about self-harm or substance abuse.
Greater Boston Addiction Centers offers addiction therapy programs to aid in treatment. Our women’s rehab and men’s rehab programs offer dialectical behavior therapy. Feel free to call us at Addiction Helpline to speak with one of our dedicated staff members.

What Is DBT?

DBT focuses on four categories of emotional and psychological roles that include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Distress tolerance
  • Emotion regulation

Through therapy and education, patients can shed toxic thought patterns by practicing these four techniques. DBT can help in lifelong recovery by promoting conscious awareness of emotions. Without a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy like DBT, individuals have a stark chance of self-medicating. Self-medicating is an attempt to relieve some of the symptoms brought on by a mental illness; however, if a professional does not properly guide or prescribe a plan of action through proper treatment, self-medicating can become a dangerous substance abuse problem.

Oftentimes, patients who attend a drug rehab center will receive a dual diagnosis. A patient with a dual diagnosis has both a mental disorder and a drug or alcohol problem that occur simultaneously. Unfortunately, when mental illnesses are overlooked, a substance abuse problem can surface. Without addressing the co-occurring disorders, the chance of relapse is high. Learning and incorporating healthy coping mechanisms can have insurmountable benefits for someone who has been struggling with regulating emotions or tolerating stress. At Greater Boston Addiction Centers or GBAC, we provide personalized care to address any and all symptoms of substance abuse or mental illness to ensure lifelong recovery.

The Benefits of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

DBT has been proven effective in addiction, mental health, and behavioral treatment. Some of the most significant benefits include the following:

  • Learning mindfulness, or the ability to observe yourself through your emotions, actions, or thoughts with no judgment
  • Developing ways of self-soothing and regulating your emotions and your reactions to them
  • Learning skills that focus on acceptance
  • Learning healthy and effective ways to cope with distress
  • Learning how to communicate with yourself and others effectively

DBT is one of several therapies that can be beneficial to treatment and the recovery process. Discuss whether it is right for you with your addiction treatment specialist and therapist as you build your treatment plan together.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Sober Living

GBAC provides many programs for personalized treatment. We offer a list of wide-ranging services and therapies that can help a person achieve a healthy mental and physical life. Listed below are the programs we offer:

  • Medically assisted treatment
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT
  • Dialectical-behavioral therapy, as mentioned above
  • Daytime outpatient drug treatment
  • Evening intensive outpatient rehab
  • Extensive Greater Boston alumni network
  • Partial hospitalization program or PHP
  • Various drug addiction rehab programs including but not limited to: fentanyl, cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin, synthetic drugs, and opioids

Discover How DBT Can Supplement Treatment at Greater Boston Addiction Centers

By engaging in one or more of these programs, the chances of recovery are exponentially greater. We are proud to offer specialized services to our patients because we believe in lifelong recovery at GBAC. Without a full spectrum of treatment, people are exposed to greater risks of relapse. No one patient is the same at GBAC; therefore, we tailor a patient’s program to their specific needs. Our staff has been trained to have the patient’s care at the forefront of their minds which is at the heart of our core values at GBAC, exceptional care to all that attend our facility. Our mindful approach to healing is accessible to all, and we are ready to help you take the first step to a healthy life at GBAC. Whether it is through one of our cognitive-behavioral therapy programs or drug addiction rehab programs, we are eager to help someone achieve the changes they wish to see in themselves. Reach out today by contacting us online or call GBAC at Addiction Helpline.
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