Addiction Treatment Staff

Courtney Flood

Director of Operations

Meet Courtney Flood, Greater Boston Addiction Center’s Director of Operations. As our Director of Operations, she takes on the responsibility of overseeing the entirety of the company. Courtney has been at the heart of the team since day one, and has continued to help us grow. She balances being a full time mother to two beautiful children, taking care of the clients we help, and staying vigilant in her own recovery. Courtney has been in recovery for over four years through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, working with a sponsor and helping others. She attributes a healthy balance of self care through exercise and yoga with working with sponsees and continuing her own step work for her contented sobriety. Courtney brings more than a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, managing events and supervising a staff. She brings a meticulous eye for detail combined with a dedicated passion to help others which makes her the perfect person to head our offices. Courtney has an unparalleled work ethic, leaving no stone unturned, and never giving up. We are blessed and grateful to have her at the head of the table of our GBAC family.

Kate Smith

Clinical Director

Kate Smith is a licensed professional and has worked in the mental health and substance abuse disorder fields for over 10 years. Kate earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University, graduating magna cum laude from her class. She attained her Masters in Social Work (MSW) at Barry University in an accelerated program, and is currently obtaining her Doctorate in Social Work. She has served as a therapist and supervisor in clinical programs for inpatient and outpatient services, as well as acute and sub-acute programs for substance abuse, mental health, and dual diagnosis. Kate has experience as a supervisor, consultant, speaker, and administrator. Kate believes that by offering a consistent quality of care to both the clients and families she serves, it makes the outcome much greater for success. Kate believes in the importance of the family in the recovery process and Greater Boston Addiction Center’s commitment to supporting the family throughout the treatment process.

Blaise Conway

Program Director

Blaise Conway is the Program Director of Greater Boston Addiction. Blaise has been with the company from the very beginning and oversees the daily ins and outs of the office at GBAC, while dealing with the community we help on a one on one level. For over a decade Blaise battled the demons of addiction, depression, and anxiety on his own, but after many attempts in various programs he found a solution in recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous a few years back. Bringing a fresh perspective from his own unique experience, he is able to help navigate what a lifestyle of recovery can look like for each of our clients. He acts a power of example to the people we help at GBAC and as an advocate of the LGBTQ+ Community.

Nick Rand

Director of Business Development

Nick Rand is the Director of Business Development at Greater Boston Addiction Centers. Nick acts as the first point of contact with our clients when they are seeking help, welcoming them with compassion and empathy, because he knows the struggle personally. After having trouble with substances in his late teens and early twenties, Nick got into recovery himself through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and building a foundation of recovery in sober living in the South Shore of Massachusetts. Being a life long Massachusetts resident, Nick was able to build a community and help like minded young men in similar situations. Nick brings first hand experience, hard work, and determination to the team. He is committed to helping connect people and their families in crisis with the services and resources necessary, because he personally understands the struggle to overcome addiction,. As motivated as he is selfless, most of Nick’s free time, is spent helping men as a sponsor and just being available, when he isn’t enjoying time with his son, or golfing.

Lori Skorohod

Primary Therapist, LADC

Lori is a primary therapist who has been working in the field of addiction for over 10 years. Lori got into the field of addiction after finding her strength in her own recovery. Lori brings a unique approach of mindfulness, alternative healing and yoga to her work with clients and is a strong advocate for self advocacy and self exploration. Through mindfulness based approaches and treating the whole person Lori guides her clients in finding their voice, battling their inner critic and being the change they wish to see. Beyond her work as a therapist Lori is a yoga teacher, lover of nature, mentor, mother and wife. It is through her darkness that Lori found her light and does her best to be the example for her clients along their journey towards change.
rney towards change.

Paul Stazesky

Primary Therapist

Let us introduce you to Paul Stazesky, one of our primary therapists at Greater Boston Addiction Centers. Paul joins our team with 19 years experience in human services helping those battling addiction. Prior to getting into the treatment field, Paul taught US history. He received a Bachelor of Arts in US history from the University of Delaware, graduating summa cum laude and also a Masters from Cambridge College in Mental Health Counseling with a focus on substance abuse disorders. Paul has been in recovery himself from alcohol and substances for more than 2 decades. Having personally battled addiction himself, Paul brings his own experiences and actual education to his approach in this work. He notes his recovery being the bedrock on which own life has grown and flourished. He is a proud father of two children who he loves to spend time with when he is at home. When Paul isn’t spending time with his children or busy at work, he likes visiting historical battle sites and location around the country or playing some kind of music and singing. Paul is definitely an asset to our expanding family here at GBAC!

Celina Gaines

Primary Therapist

Please welcome Celina Gaines to our growing family as one of our primary therapists. She has been working in the mental health field for roughly four years. After obtaining her Master Degree in Forensic Psychology in 2019 from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Celina moved to Boston to work as a crisis clinician before transitioning over to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department where she worked as a substance use counselor with the Medication Assisted Treatment Program. It was through this experience that Celina developed a deep passion for those working towards their recovery and believes that anyone can achieve and maintain long-term sobriety if they have the appropriate support network. Celina aims to be a strong advocate for her clients, providing them with the support and resources that they need throughout their recovery journey. We are proud and excited to have her help at Greater Boston Addiction Centers.

Jade Eary

Primary Therapist

Let us introduce you to Jade Eary, one of our amazing Group Facilitators. Jade joined Greater Boston Addiction Centers in February as an intern while completing schooling at Bristol Community College to achieve her LDAC. She brings her education in the field, combined with first hand, actual battles with addiction herself. Having over 6 years free of drugs and alcohol, Jade knows the troubles of overcoming substance abuse first hand. Utilizing various forms of recovery including attending Buddhist temple and yoga for her sobriety, she provides a dynamic approach to the clinical atmosphere for our clients at GBAC. Jade is a hard worker, juggling being a full-time mom with one on the way, being a newly wed, and taking care of her 2 dachshunds, and still makes time to finish her degree and help out at GBAC. We are lucky to have her with us!!

Theresa Styffe

Primary Therapist

Help us welcome Theresa Styffe to Greater Boston Addictions Clinical Team!! A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, Terry came to GBAC after working in the addiction treatment and community outreach field for the past four years. She is passionate about ending the stigma of addiction after seeing the struggles people close to her had to endure growing up. Terry brings an interesting and important perspective to her approach to recovery, by having had a birds eye view of how addiction can affect a family. In her free time she is busy spending time with family and friends and looking after her two dogs. GBAC is blessed to have this amazing addition to our growing family!

Angela Kelly

Primary Therapist

Angela joins our clinical staff at Greater Boston Addiction Centers as one of our Primary Therapists. After seeing the effects drug and alcohol abuse had on people she loved while growing up Angela decided to get into human services herself. Angela received her Bachelors in Psychology from Framingham State and is currently on her way to an LMHC from William James College in 2023. Angela prides herself in being able to help families, the same way hers was assisted through recovery programs. Growing up in a big family, Angela loves to spend time with her loved ones, laughing, or doing something active. We are so happy to have her on our side!

Amber Yanakopulos

Case Manager

Amber Yanakopulos is the star Greater Boston Addiction Centers Case Management team. Amber completed our program in 2021 and built a beautiful life for herself as a strong woman in recovery. Amber attributes the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous and the sense of community she built at GBAC to her success in her own sobriety Before getting into the field, she received a Bachelors in Exercise Health Science and her Associates in Liberal Arts from Mercer County out of New Jersey. She is currently enrolled at UMass Boston to get her LADC. While putting herself through school, Amber was a personal care attendant and worked in the service industry, so she has always been devoted to the care of others. Outside of work she is a fitness enthusiast, frequently running and working out. There is no one who works as harder for our clients as Amber and we are blessed to have her!

Austin Clemmey

Group Facilitator

Austin Clemmey is GBAC’s very own alumni from the very beginning, at almost two years sober and we couldn’t be more proud of her. She helps the community at GBAC as a Group Facilitator. Austin personally struggled with drugs and alcohol throughout her teenage years, but through the 12 steps process was able to turn her life around . She a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ+ as a proud trans woman in recovery and is a shining example of how beautiful life can become. She promotes healing through artistic creativity and self acceptance, while having a sense of humor and not taking herself too seriously. Austin brings a modern, new age approach mixed with old school Alcoholics Anonymous principle to her approach with the clients. We are very excited about having Austin with us at Greater Boston Addiction Centers.

Max Schade

Client Care Coordinator

GBAC couldn’t operate as smooth as we do without Client Care Coordinators like Max! Max is a vital part of our team here at GBAC and is connected to each one of clients everyday. Max is a native of the area, being a resident of Wayland. After struggling with substances Max attended our program and is one of our shining stars. As an alumni of the program, he brings a personable demeanor to his interactions with the people he helps at Greater Boston Addiction Centers. After his own experiences, he decided to give back and get into the recovery field himself. He enjoys snowboarding in the winter months and is a lover of all animals, especially his two cats. Max attributes a lot of his successes within his own recovery to the community he built while in sober living.

Sean Leary

Client Care Coordinator

Sean Leary is one of our hardest working Client Care Coordinators at GBAC. After graduating from Ithaca College in 2014 for TV Production and working in that industry for six and a half years, he realized he had a serious drinking problem and checked himself into rehab in April of 2020. He has been gratefully sober ever since. Now he wants to help other addicts & alcoholics and pass on the message. For fun, he likes to sing/ produce music and watch stand-up comedy. His favorite comedians are Bill Burr, Norm MacDonald, Bobby Lee, and Theo Von. His sense of humor and friendly attitude are his greatest attributes when helping the clients find their own way in this program.

Katerina Caulfield


Meet Katerina Caulfield, Greater Boston Addiction Centers Owner and Executive Director. Katerina is a brilliant woman, mother, and wife in addition to a successful business woman. As a Newton native, Katerina grew up in this community in a Greek-American household. In her late teens, early twenties she struggled and battled with addiction and experienced first hand the ins and outs of the recovery community. As a woman with long term recovery, Katerina had an idea during the lockdown of 2020 and with the help of her husband was able to bring her dream into fruition of opening a one of a kind substance abuse treatment center. In 2021, her dreams came full circle as Greater Boston Addiction Centers opened its doors and She became a mother to a beautiful baby boy. She brings hometown spirit, experience, and heart to this business. With a background in sales in the car business and in hair combined with years of exposure to treatment, she has a unique perspective and motivation to help men and women struggling with their own demons.

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