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3 Benefits of an Evening IOP

3 Benefits of an Evening IOP

If you need help for substance use disorder but cannot fit an inpatient or daytime treatment program into your schedule, you may want to consider the benefits of an evening intensive outpatient program (IOP). Designed with convenience in mind, this evening alternative allows you to attend addiction treatment on a schedule that works for you.

At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, we understand that it can be difficult to drop everything in your life to make time for an addiction treatment program. However, we want to ensure that you get the help you need, regardless of your work schedule or family commitments. Our evening intensive outpatient program in Boston provides you with all the same treatment modalities and amenities as a traditional daytime IOP without the worry of having to take time off from work or school.

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What is an IOP?

An intensive outpatient treatment program is a type of addiction treatment that focuses on providing a comprehensive set of services to individuals struggling with substance use disorders. This can include individual therapy sessions, group counseling, educational lectures, and other evidence-based interventions.

Intensive outpatient programs are often recommended for individuals who have recently completed an inpatient or residential treatment program. It’s also for those who need help managing their symptoms but are not able to commit to a full-time inpatient treatment program. These programs typically last between three and nine months, depending on the individual’s unique needs and recovery progress.

There are many reasons why intensive outpatient addiction treatment programs may be right for you. These include:

  • The opportunity to receive more frequent and personalized support from addiction specialists
  • Access to a wider range of evidence-based interventions
  • The ability to fulfil professional or personal obligations

What Are the Benefits of Evening IOPs?

Many addiction treatment centers offer a variety of programs to accommodate the different needs of their clients. Some people require a structured residential program, while others may suffice with more flexible outpatient treatment.

The benefits of evening IOPs make them one of the top choices for people who need convenient, effective support to help them sustain their recovery. There is less disruption to your life than with residential treatment or a daytime IOP. Therefore, you won’t have the stress of worrying over losing your job or being unable to keep up with your monthly bills.

If you are looking for your just-right treatment program, consider these three benefits of evening IOPs:

1. You can continue to work your day job.

Many treatment programs only provide treatment sessions Monday through Friday during the day. Unfortunately, not everyone can take time off from work to attend daytime sessions. Evening IOP makes treatment more accessible by providing sessions after you get out of work. With an evening IOP, you can heal from addiction while maintaining your job.

2. You can still take care of your family.

Residential treatment may be out of the question for those with young children to care for. After all, some people may not have someone who can temporarily take over those duties. Evening IOP makes childcare easier because you can be there for your children during the day and have a partner, friend, family member, or babysitter watch them for a few hours in the evening as you attend treatment. This is also helpful if you care full-time for elderly or sick family members.

3. Evening IOPs are more affordable.

Residential programs are typically the most costly because you stay in the facility around the clock. If you are on a tight budget, choosing an intensive outpatient program in the evening can help lower your treatment costs.

Is an Evening Intensive Outpatient Program Right for You?

If the idea of an evening IOP sounds appealing to you, you will next need to consider whether this type of program would be the most suitable. Here are some questions to ask to help you determine if an evening IOP is the best fit:

  • How severe is your addiction? Evening IOPs are best for those with mild to moderate addictions who do not need 24/7 monitoring.
  • Is your home environment supportive of your recovery? Since you will continue living at home, it is vital that your family members or housemates are a source of love and support rather than stress or triggers.
  • Have you already completed a more intensive treatment program? Evening IOPs are most suitable for those who have already completed a residential or partial hospitalization program and need additional support to stay on track.

If an evening rehab program sounds like a good match for your needs, reach out to your local addiction treatment center to inquire about the availability of an evening IOP.

Greater Boston Addiction Centers: Evening Rehab Programs That Fit Your Schedule

At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, we understand that you cannot put your entire life on hold to overcome addiction. Our evening intensive treatment programs allow you to keep up with all of your daily responsibilities. At the same time, you can work on your recovery in the evenings. Call us today at 877.920.6583 to enroll in our evening IOP and start your path to lifelong recovery.