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Quiz – Is My Child a Drug Addict?

Is My Child a Drug Addict?

Parents, if you are concerned that your child may have a substance abuse problem, answer a few questions to get more information. The bravest thing a parent can do is seek help for their child. It’s never too late. This quiz is not a diagnostic tool or intake document; it is a self-assessment to help parents decide whether further action is needed.

How long have you been concerned about your child’s substance use/abuse?

Are you positive that your child is using abusive drugs?

Has your child ever attempted sobriety (entered a 90-day rehab)?

Has your child been prescribed medication for ADD/ADHD or depression?

When your child is prescribed medication, does s/he follow doctors’ instructions?

What is your child’s relationship with alcohol?

Have you noticed any of the following? Check any that apply.

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