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Boston Night Treatment Program in Massachusetts

Benefits of an Night Treatment Rehab Center in Boston

Many people who struggle with substance use disorder don’t have the option to commit to full-time rehab programs.

The disease of addiction is both perplexing and devastating. If quitting on your own hasn’t worked, the bravest thing you can do is to seek treatment. It is essential to understand that substance use disorder is both a mental and physical illness. An night treatment for drug and alcohol addiction provides the resources to help people get their lives back. This type of program is particularly effective at helping people ease into recovery; you’ll still have some freedoms, and you can make a smooth transition back into regular life. We treat all types of a substance use disorder, including:


What Happens in Night Treatment Program?

Many people cannot afford to take time off from work, school, and family obligations to enroll in a comprehensive, full-time residential rehab center. In an intensive outpatient program like the program we offer at Greater Boston Addiction Centers, you will receive the same therapies that you would in a residential program; however, you will benefit from that treatment while you continue to attend work or school. During an IOP, clients live in their own homes. You will still receive treatment at the GBAC campus, but we will help you build your treatment model around your own schedule. We offer the following Boston drug IOP options:

  • Daytime IOP
  • Evening IOP

Partial hospitalization, which we also offer at Greater Boston Addiction Centers, is our highest level of care. For patients with the most severe addictions, a partial hospitalization program can make sure your vitals are monitored and that medical care is available if you need it.


The Right Level of Care: Meeting Your Needs

Night Treatment program work for many people with an addiction. GBAC will help you decide which program fits your requirements and design an individualized treatment plan. At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, each level of care includes an array of therapies, services, and support. The benefits of completing an intensive outpatient program can be enormous for someone in recovery.

  • Patients spend less money on outpatient treatment. Outpatient drug rehab is less expensive because it lacks the residential component. Aside from living arrangements, inpatient and outpatient care offer the same research-backed, expert-led treatment options.
  • Recovering in outpatient care allows patients to develop a more extensive network of family and friends who can support their recovery. Patients participating in an IOP continue to attend work or school and live in their own homes. This results in opportunities to connect with people outside our facility. Outpatient care offers a considerable advantage as it can help people avoid relapse after completing treatment.
  • Patients recovering in outpatient care have more autonomy to pursue individual interests outside of our campus. One of the most important pillars in promoting recovery and helping people avoid relapsing is the development of new routines, spending time with new people, and gaining diverse experiences. An IOP helps facilitate these recovery-focused behaviors.
  • Patients recovering in intensive outpatient care are able to fulfill their obligations to their families, friends, and employers while they maintain their privacy. One of the most common reasons that people with addiction problems avoid rehabilitation is because of the social stigma attached to it. IOP patients are able to share the fact that they are in rehab with whomever they wish. It’s no one else’s business.
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