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Common Effects of Crystal Meth

Common Effects of Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is a form of methamphetamine, a drug popular for its invigorating, euphoric rush that can last for hours. In addition to the intended effects of crystal meth, it has a roster of harmful consequences that range anywhere from unpleasant to fatal. Meth is an expensive, damaging drug that has significantly more negatives than its positives could ever outweigh.

Those afflicted by the effects of crystal meth are often aware of their situation. Depending on their environment, their peers, or any number of circumstances, overcoming their addiction on their own can border on impossible. That’s why, at Greater Boston Addiction Centers, we provide a comprehensive, personalized meth rehab in Massachusetts. Creating an environment where addiction can be examined and treated in a way that’s personally effective makes for results that last long after leaving. Call us at 877.920.6583 today for more information about our team, our services, and how we can help you.

What’s the Difference Between Crystal Meth vs. Meth?

The distinction between meth and crystal meth is a matter of purity, appearance, and potency. Crystal meth is more distilled and, therefore, more concentrated. As a result, its effects are much more powerful than run-of-the-mill meth. It differs in appearance by way of crystal meth looking similar to rock candy—a powder made up of granulated, ice-colored, glassy rocks. Meth, by contrast, tends to take two forms: a white powder or a brown oily substance administered by injection.

Crystal meth being more powerful leads to two things: its effects are more extreme, and users are more likely to form an addiction. Both versions of meth are similar in what they achieve, which is in how they regulate (or rather ease regulations on) how much dopamine the brain can produce. With higher dopamine production, the brain is subjected to a rise in alertness, higher emotional volatility, and a number of highly detrimental side effects.

The Most Common Effects of Meth Abuse

After dopamine surges and drains enough times, it takes a major toll on many of the body’s faculties. One particular effect of this process, one essential in understanding addiction, is that continually stressing the brain in this way means more meth will be necessary to achieve a comparable high. The brain becomes increasingly tolerant to meth with each use, and before long, what would have been considered extreme doses of meth start to become the baseline.

Even without this steady increase in bodily tolerance, meth has its own slew of dangerous effects, some of which can begin to occur after a single use or even during the high. Examples of effects that often take place during the high include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Increased and/or abnormal heart rate
  • Aggressive behavior, thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Violent mood swings
  • Recklessness

Other effects that occur during a meth high include feeling powerful to the point of invincibility. This is unhealthy on its own, but paired with amped-up aggression, it can be fatal given the wrong circumstances. Other effects are more long-term, occurring during the crash following the high, with some potentially lasting much longer. These include:

  • Psychosis
  • Hallucinations
  • Weight loss
  • Constricted blood vessels
  • Decreased ability of the body to heal
  • Scarring, scabs
  • Rapid gum/tooth deterioration
  • Seizure
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Stroke

The effects of using meth can be life-altering and even life-threatening. But help is available with meth rehab in Massachusetts.

Learn About Meth Addiction Treatment at Greater Boston Addiction Centers

The stakes with meth addiction are always high, but they’re always climbing. Without help, overcoming a meth addiction is prohibitively hard. Many people quit trying after attempts at self-medicating when what they need most is outside help. Friends, family, and professional care are all essential parts of beating any addiction.

At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, we specialize in offering that treatment. If you or a loved one are stuck in the cycle of meth addiction, we can help you by building a foundation for living without substance abuse. Our treatment is adaptive to the needs of each individual because no two people have identical stories or situations. Call us at 877.920.6583 or fill out our online contact form today to learn how we can help prevent the effects of crystal meth from impeding your life any further.