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Does Fake Xanax Contain Fentanyl?

Does Fake Xanax Contain Fentanyl?

Whenever a person takes a drug produced outside of FDA regulations, there is no way to be sure of its contents. Fentanyl is one of the most powerfully addictive drugs—even a small amount of it can be fatal. There have been reports of Xanax, a prescription medication, being sold illicitly with fentanyl in it. This dangerous combination puts you at high risk for overdose. At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, we recognize that the best way to avoid this risk is to stop using by enrolling in a prescription drug addiction treatment.

How Do You Know Fentanyl Is In Your Xanax?

It is not always possible to tell that counterfeit Xanax contains fentanyl. Drug producers use pill presses to make their product almost indistinguishable from the real product. However, anxiety medications like Xanax are often laced with other drugs and ingredients. This includes fentanyl, a drug that is up to 50 times stronger than heroin.

Those who manufacture these products place fentanyl into the pill. It is pressed into a pill form and labeled the same as Xanax, a drug often taken to help reduce anxiety and seizures. The problem with purchasing these fake Xanax pills is that there is no real way to know if the drugs are fake – they have the same style, same cuts and design in the pill, the same feeling, and even the same taste. They have the same inscription on them, too. Sometimes, they are put into prescription bottles to make them look real as well.

Why Do Those Selling Xanax Lace Them with Fentanyl?

There are various reasons why drug sellers may do this. Often, it is due to the highly addictive qualities of fentanyl. Increasing addiction means a person will need to come back time and time again for more of the drugs. It may also be to create a more pronounced effect.

What Are the Dangers of Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a type of synthetic opioid. Doctors prescribe it for very short periods of time to alleviate intense pain, which is often pain that does not improve with any other drug. Because of how potent it is, fentanyl can create intense side effects, including overdose. Some of the risks include:

  • Drop in breathing and heart rate to dangerous levels
  • Heart attacks
  • Seizures
  • Overdose leading to hospitalizations
  • Development of dependence quickly

The use of fake Xanax with fentanyl is also likely not to be detected until it results in death. It can happen with just one pill in some cases.

To avoid this, only use drugs that have been specifically prescribed to you. Follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter. If you feel the need to access more medication than you are getting through a prescription, ask your doctor for help.

Boston’s Fentanyl Epidemic has Reached Needham

At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, we work closely with men and women with addiction to provide the resources necessary to stop using for good. Surprisingly, many people who believe they are addicted to heroin are also addicted to fentanyl. Heroin and fentanyl addiction treatment at Greater Boston Addiction Centers can help people recover what they’ve lost. If you are using these drugs and unable to stop doing so, our licensed clinicians can provide support through programs such as:

Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program, also known as a day treatment program, is a type of intensive outpatient treatment that helps people struggling with substance use disorders by providing them with structured support and therapy during the daytime. It is typically offered through hospitals or residential treatment centers and can be a great option for those who are unable to attend traditional outpatient treatment due to prior obligations or other responsibilities.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program for addiction is a treatment option that combines group therapy, individual counseling sessions, and medication management. This type of program allows individuals to continue working or attending school while receiving treatment for their substance abuse disorder. Compared to inpatient or residential treatment programs, IOPs are less restrictive and often offer more flexibility with scheduling.

Outpatient Treatment Program

An outpatient treatment program offers support and resources to individuals struggling with addiction but allows them to live at home, go to work or school, and otherwise maintain their daily obligations. This type of treatment typically involves regularly scheduled check-ins with a therapist or other healthcare professional in order to monitor progress and help the individual stay on track.

Women’s Treatment Program

A women’s treatment program is a specialized form of addiction treatment tailored specifically for women. Many women’s treatment programs also provide specialized support services, such as housing assistance, childcare services, and vocational training, that can help women recover from addiction and reintegrate into society.

Men’s Treatment Program

A men’s treatment program for addiction is a specialized program that meets the unique needs of men who are struggling with substance abuse issues. These programs typically incorporate a range of therapeutic interventions, including individual counseling sessions and group therapy sessions, in order to help men address the underlying causes of their addiction and learn strategies for managing their addictive behaviors.

Our Needham Drug Treatment Program Can Help

Fentanyl—in any form—is a highly dangerous drug. If you are taking it or suspect you may have taken it with Xanax, reach out for immediate help. Consistent use can lead to addiction and dependence. Our team at Greater Boston Addiction Centers offers the therapy you need to heal from addiction. Learn more when you connect with us online or call 877.920.6583 for an appointment.