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Staying Sober This 4th of July

Staying Sober This 4th of July

The 4th of July is synonymous with beach days, music festivals, pool parties, and fun in the sun. But, for those who are interested in staying sober, July 4th can be a challenge. This is because the summer holiday is antithetical to sober living. Instead, Independence Day is often centered around drinking alcohol, which means temptations are more abundant than fireworks, and relapses are common. The substance abuse program and aftercare program at Greater Boston Addiction Centers can help. Reach out to us online or call 877.920.6583 today to learn how our team of professionals can help ensure you enjoy this 4th of July while staying sober.

Staying Sober on the 4th of July

Chances are, you will not be as social as you once were during your aftercare program. But that does not mean you need to shut yourself off from the world during the summer holiday. You can practice sober living and still stack your calendar full of BBQ parties and trips to the beach.

Because alcohol and drugs can often play a starring role in celebrating the 4th, you will want to focus on more positive things to do alone as well as with an understanding circle of close friends and supportive family members. A good mix of activities and people will help you make choices that will make sure staying sober is as guaranteed as a firework show in the sky. Here are ways to still have a memorable 4th of July:

You Know Yourself Best

You know yourself better than anyone else, which means you know the types of activities, situations, and the types of people you need to avoid while staying sober. It is a good idea to remove these things and those people from your life as you move forward happy and healthy into summertime and beyond.

Surround Yourself with the Best Kind of Friends

It takes a village to achieve a sober living lifestyle. First, you will have the doctors, therapists, and staff of Greater Boston Addiction Centers. These are the people who know your struggle and have seen your success. Next, you should work to assemble a superhero team of supportive friends and family. This is your sober living crew for July 4th and beyond, the awesome and understanding people who will meet up for coffee, head to the beach, and enjoy traditional summertime fun without doing anything to throw you and your aftercare program off track. 

Avoid Usual Haunts and Triggers

Avoiding people and places that would typically encourage your drug use or alcohol consumption is vital to your maintained sobriety. It’s not easy to leave old friends behind or to cut entire places full of fun memories of your life, but it is necessary for your recovery, especially if the urge to drink or use gets stronger with your proximity to these people or places. The best way to avoid your triggers is to put distance between you and friends who are still in active addiction or not yet committed to sobriety, and stop going to places like bars, clubs, or other environments where drug use and drinking may be prevalent. Once you’ve adopted this mindset and separated yourself from old, unhealthy associations, you can begin working on the mental or emotional aspects of your addiction. If you’ve taken these steps for yourself but still feel that stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma negatively influence your ability to not abuse drugs or alcohol, a therapy program will be extremely beneficial to you. You can attend therapy one-on-one, in a group, or even virtually, and therapy will teach you invaluable lessons and give you tools to help you manage your life and addiction on all levels. Aftercare, peer support, and group therapy programs tend to remain open and available on major holidays, which is another major plus–you always have access to your support network. These people will become your life-long friends and help you hold yourself accountable.

Make this 4th of July Dry

You’ve built your tight-knit group and cut out the rest to protect yourself while staying sober. Now it is time to unwind on this summer holiday, knowing that it is dry and that there is no temptation to drink or get high while you enjoy music, the sunshine, and at night, the colors that will light up the sky. 

Finding Alternative Ways to Celebrate on July 4th

Binge-drinking alcohol and partying are glamorized on social media, in movies, and on television. For individuals in aftercare programs, sober living can come with a bad case of FOMO. You may be an anomaly as a sober person, but it is possible to achieve sobriety and still have the best 4th of July holiday. There might just be the need to find alternative activities if the usual summertime rituals are not compatible with sober living just yet. Be a positive agent of change in the lives of your family and friends by seeking out and suggesting alternative activities that promote sober living, like:

  • Riding bikes
  • Taking a hike
  • Having dinner at a BYOB and NOT bringing a bottle
  • Host a July 4th game night
  • Go camping on the 4th of July
  • Find a dark sky site for an epic night of stargazing or firework watching
  • Play paintball
  • Go on a photography walk
  • Become a mocktail mixologist

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