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Why Should I Find An Addiction Therapy Program?

Why Should I Find An Addiction Therapy Program?

Therapy and counseling are the cornerstones of addiction treatment. Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can leave lasting effects on an individual. Without the proper levels of care through addiction therapy programs, a person is at high risk for relapsing.

Finding the right addiction therapy program for your individual needs is essential. Any professional treatment center will have individual and group therapy and a family therapy program for addiction. These may be accompanied by additional types of evidence-based or holistic therapies designed and structured for your unique needs to navigate away from addictive behaviors.

At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, our mission is healing and lifelong recovery for our clients. Therefore, we ensure that our professional, compassionate staff delivers comprehensive care and support for your entire journey of recovery. Our facility is located in Needham, Massachusetts, and we are ready and waiting to help restore the quality of your life. Call us at 877.920.6583 for more information about Greater Boston Addiction Centers.


Restore What Was Lost

Individuals in addiction therapy programs have the chance to learn how to live a life without drugs or alcohol. They will also develop other positive coping mechanisms and life skills to help them manage stress, anxiety, and triggers that may cause a relapse.

At Greater Boston Addiction clinics, we offer our clients a variety of addiction therapy and rehab programs. We will help you decide which one of our programs will have the greatest effect on your personal recovery and help you along the way. By giving a personalized approach to addiction treatment, we are teaching those struggling with addiction how to cope, restore their life, and achieve personal goals through our aftercare services; this helps combat the risk of relapse and increase the success of lifelong recovery.

Some of the addiction rehab programs we offer include:

We help equip our patients with the tools necessary to achieve lifelong recovery. Our evidence-based treatment methods help evaluate what the individual needs to rebuild their lives on a solid foundation through our recovery programs. Call now to speak to one of our professional staff that can provide even more information about our addiction therapy in Massachusetts at 877.920.6583.


Addiction Therapy in Massachusetts

At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, our programs are flexible. The complexities of addiction can deter someone from attending a rehabilitation center due to the inability to halt one’s life to enter rehab. Therefore, we offer a variety of proven and effective outpatient programs. These programs vary in terms of structure and time commitment, and it is not uncommon for an individual to step down to a less intensive program as they progress on their recovery journey. Our flexible outpatient programs are offered morning and evening and include:

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A PHP is a program that is more intensive than standard outpatient care but does not require 24-hour supervision like inpatient rehab. PHP typically meets five days a week for several hours each day and includes group and individual therapy, as well as addiction education. Those struggling with severe addiction or withdrawal symptoms can receive medical attention when they need it in this program.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

An IOP is a less intensive program that typically meets three days a week for 2-4 hours each day. IOP includes group and individual therapy, as well as addiction education.

Outpatient Program (OP)

An OP is the least intensive level of care and typically meets 1-2 days a week for 1-2 hours each day. OP includes group and individual therapy, as well as addiction education.

We offer both women’s rehab and men’s rehab programs to maximize personalized care and therapy for each individual. Those who have received a dual diagnosis can find enormous benefits in our co-occurring disorder program that provides complete treatment in a person rather than partial.


Let GBAC Help You Find an Addiction Therapy Program Today

At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, we understand that the path to addiction is different for everyone. We are ready to help you by devising a personalized treatment plan for the addiction therapy programs that fits your needs. We believe in quality treatment and offer affordable services to anyone ready to get help with their addiction.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, please call us now at 877.920.6583 to educate yourself further on rebuilding and restoring hope for your life at Greater Boston Addiction Centers. Don’t wait to get help any longer. Reach out for help today.