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Common Signs of Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone is a type of opioid, prescribed most often for cases of moderate to severe pain. Its route of addressing pain tends to induce feelings of pleasure, relaxation, and stress relief. While it’s undeniably an effective painkiller, oxycodone has a high potential for addiction, even when taken correctly. Whether you’re assessing yourself or the symptoms […]

Am I Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

“Am I addicted to prescription drugs?” It’s a question that many people face. Prescription drug addiction treatment occurs when an individual uses prescription drugs in a manner other than prescribed by their doctor. Prescription drug abuse is dangerous, primarily because it can lead to opioid addiction. With addiction comes an increased risk of overdose and death. […]

Most Addictive Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are among the most commonly misused substances in the U.S., leading to an opioid overdose crisis. But what exactly are the most addictive prescription drugs? The most commonly abused, addicting prescription drugs include opioids, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, stimulants, and sedatives. While these drugs are typically prescribed for legitimate medical reasons, they can also be […]

Common Signs of Painkiller Abuse

Whether you’re concerned for a loved one who has started painkillers or plan on beginning them yourself, knowing how they can affect you means a decreased risk of forming an addiction. Learning the early signs of painkiller abuse is critical in preventing addiction. Painkiller abuse affects hundreds of thousands of Americans every year and regularly […]

5 Signs of Painkiller Abuse

Since 1995, when the FDA approved Oxycontin (oxycodone) for medical use to treat chronic or acute pain, the abuse of prescription painkillers has risen steadily. Many believe the current opioid epidemic can be traced, at least in part, to the legitimizing of a powerful synthetic opioid by physicians, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies, without acknowledging its […]