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Am I a Functioning Alcoholic?

Alcohol addiction takes many forms and is sometimes not as apparent as you may think. The reality of alcohol addiction is that you may not be falling over at the bar or seeing your life falling apart at home. But this doesn’t mean functioning alcoholism isn’t causing you and your life significant harm. Functioning alcoholics […]

Dating an Alcoholic

Drinking alcohol is normal in many circles, but not everyone can drink in moderation. If you find yourself dating someone with a drinking problem, your willingness to address the problem might save their life. End-stage alcoholics evoke pity and disgust from others, but early-stage alcoholics are often charismatic, entertaining, and quick-witted. When a person struggles […]

Start Your New Year Sober

It is not an understatement to say that the decision to pursue a life of sobriety is a life-changing and possibly a life-saving decision. And the new year is a natural place to begin your sober journey. If you have struggled with a drug or alcohol use disorder, maintaining sobriety may appear to be a […]