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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Massachusetts

A person with dual diagnosis has an alcohol or drug use disorder and a mental health issue that also needs to be treated. These conditions frequently occur together. In fact, half of those suffering from a mental health disorder have battled, or are currently battling, substance abuse at some point in their lives. A dual […]

The Connection Between Trauma and Addiction

Trauma, or harmful experiences that leave a lingering impact on people’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being, has a complicated relationship with substance abuse. A strong trauma therapy program for addiction recovery will treat the whole individual—addressing not only their substance use but its causes and effects. Symptoms and Consequences of Trauma Many different events can […]

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are different from the day-to-day anxiety everyone experiences in stressful situations. For people with anxiety disorders, daily life can seem physically and emotionally overwhelming, and they may turn to alcohol to cope. If you or someone you love has a substance use disorder, an alcohol and anxiety treatment program can address both concerns […]

What is dual diagnosis Treatment

Statistics show that nearly half of all individuals diagnosed with a substance use disorder also suffer from a mental health issue. This is known as a dual diagnosis. Individuals battling on two fronts will require a personalized dual diagnosis treatment plan capable of addressing both disorders. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or another […]