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Effective Relapse Prevention Strategies From GBAC Professional

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Drug addiction and substance abuse are a sincere concern for society and a leading cause of medical illness among the young population. Various institutions and rehabilitation facilities are making efforts to spread awareness and provide accessible resources to deal with substance abuse across Boston and neighboring areas. While the drug recovery journey is a big […]

Fun Ideas for a Sober Halloween

Halloween celebrations have been there since time immemorial. People commemorate this day through various forms of celebrations. The celebrations may, at times, involve the use of drugs or alcohol. If you are recovering from an addiction, such actions can jeopardize your efforts. Fortunately, there is a myriad of fun ideas for a sober Halloween. These […]

Developing Healthy Coping Mechanisms

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a lasting recovery from substance abuse or alcohol addiction is developing a way to handle and respond to stress. Often, people are tempted to relapse when confronted with stressful or overwhelming situations, so developing healthier coping mechanisms can be a great way to avoid relapse and feel […]

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Relapse

Completing a rehab program can feel exciting, and it’s something that deserves plenty of celebration. However, maintaining sobriety long after rehab is over can take some serious commitment and consideration. When you join a relapse prevention program in Boston, you can feel more secure and supported in post-rehab sobriety that lasts. At Greater Boston Addiction […]

Common Signs of a Relapse

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, staying sober is an everyday challenge. Even if you have enjoyed a successful rehab and are in recovery, the potential for relapse is always there. Knowing the signs of relapse can help you be proactive and get back on track before you fall into a full-blown […]

3 Techniques for Staying Sober for New Year’s Eve

The year-end holiday season means many celebrations with family and friends. These jubilant times often involve good food, fun conversations, playing games, and giving gifts. Additionally, the holidays, including New Year’s Eve, also mean that alcohol is abundantly available and consumed in excess. Staying sober for New Year’s Eve can be a challenge, but it […]